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This is a new site for my well established business, and a fresh approach. As the 'home page' of the site is intentionally rather plain, simple, purely factual, and only text based. This next page is a little brighter, with a splash of colour and includes some photographs and images.
Rather that steal some generic computer website type shots from Google Images, or cover the page with dancing pigs, tumbling dice, flames, or other 90's web gimmicks.... I've got a sweet camera, and I like to take pictures, I thought I'd simply just use my own.
I hope you will find ways in which I can help you with your computer problems, and ways to prevent small issues turning into disasters. Please feel free to call or email any time if there is any way you think I can assist you

ip7 Service can help with all aspects of computers, networking, the web, and all the associated equipment

Switch Cabinet image

Network Infrastructure, Switch Cabinets, Switches, & Cabling. Modems, Routers, Wireless Access Points, & Wireless Hot-Spots, networking over power lines, (Powerline networking)


HTML 'web page' code image

Build a web site I can help you build a web site, from start to finish, or edit your existing content and designs. Or write scripts or programmes to solve problems, or automate repetitive computer tasks for you

NAS backup image

Backup Solutions: Using Off Site, (on line) Solutions, A NAS,(Network Attatched Storage), Device, USB Flash Memory Drives, or USB Disks whatever methods meet your needs best


sage50 screen image

Accounts Software Help with your accounts & bookkeeping software, Office software, or your business specific software packages

Example Service Prices
Anti Virus / anti Malware scan, System clean up, & Security Check from £40.00
Setup a wireless printer and test printing on all of your client devices from £25.00
Repair Windows Update failures, check and install all Windows Updates to date
from £30.00
Simple Backup Solutions: Install software and configure or write a batch file or script to automate daily copy process £25.00

Help with your web site?

I can help you with your site using HTML5, CSS, php, & Javascript or the Wordpress CMS Content Management System
For simple 'user made' changes, additions, updates, and edits to your website

We can provide Domains & Hosting for your website & your email too, all with local support

HTML or Wordpress website & email hosting
from £60.00 per year + £30.00 one off, initial set-up fee With Support
(The one off set-up fee includes the first year of your chosen domains Nominet registration charge).

On-line Learning Courses

I enjoy continuing education, it keeps you sharp, keeps your mind active, and keeps you on top of your game. Below are some of the many computing related on-line learning courses I have completed, in addition to my Computer Science UG degree. Many topics are available and most that I have tried are very good quality They are free, and a great way to learn new skills

link to edx / MITx course home

MITx Circuits & Electronics 6002x cert

MITx Circuits & Electronics 6002x

MITx Introduction to Computer Science and Programming with Python 6.000 cert

MITx Introduction to Computer Science and Programming with Python 6.000

EDx & W3Cx HTML5.2X HTML5 PART 1 HTML5 Coding Essentials and Best Practice cert

EDx & W3Cx HTML5.2X HTML5 PART 1 HTML5 Coding Essentials and Best Practice

EDx & W3Cx HTML5.2X HTML5 PART 2 Advanced Techniques for Designing HTML5 Apps cert

EDx & W3Cx HTML5.2X HTML5 PART 2 Advanced Techniques for Designing HTML5 Apps

Here are some free to use Desktop Backgrounds (wallpapers) from in and around the ip7 Area

I am a keen photographer, these are some of my favourite shots taken in and around the ip7 area Please feel free to download them if you like them
Click on the image to download or view full size desktop wallpaper / background image:

Large Container ship in Felixstowe Dock

Felixstowe Dock

Large crane in Felixstowe Dock

Firewood Logs




Crane in Felixstowe Dock

Kersey Village

Kersey Village
Minus the wires





blue flower

blue flower

jazz post card

jazz post card

hunky dory

hunky dory



 Great Finborough Church From Buxhall Road.

Gt Finborough Church

ip7 Service can help with all aspects of computers, networking, the web, and all the associated equipment

A1 Size Plotter/Printer

A1 Size Plotting & Printing

Large Size (A1) Plotting and Printing on Paper and Canvas
For House Plans, Engineering Drawings, or Images

EPOS Retail System

EPOS Retail System

Electronic Point of Sale Systems, now ubiquitous in all forms of retail. I can help you with all your system components or your stock and system databases

ip7 Business Card Preview

ip7 Service Business Card

My Experience and Skills

I have experience in many areas of computing, and have many years experience with Windows and Linux servers and client PC's, IP Networks, Routers, Switches, and cabling, Problem solving, service and repairs
I have considerable exposure to computer aided design (CAD) and using, designing and writing computer programs for problem solving and design
I have experience of Sage line50 and Quick books, bookkeeping and accounting software and many industry specific software products for various business clients Prior to working in computing I had an automotive and engineering background and now have considerable experience in the application of computers in many industry's
I have had over 20 years experience with computers and networks in their repair, maintenance, configuration, and administration, in addition to fault finding errors, upgrades and updates. I am CRB/ DBS Checked as I have previously worked for the Local Authority as a Contract Computer Technician and System Administrator. I'm not a guy who can 'probably fix' your computer who 'dabbles'. I have a relevant degree, lots of other formal training and lots of 'in the field' experience. I work quickly and efficiently, and have a strong ethical code regarding my professional integrity and my clients confidentiality and privacy. I can also provide references if required.
Whatever your computer problems please email or call and I will try my best to assist you.

Reasonable rates and all work is Quality Guaranteed
Good Troubleshooting and Fault Diagnostics Skills For faster repairs

Remote assistance, Remote Desktop login, Solve your problem remotely without a visit, with minimum downtime
Or Telephone Support to help with your smaller problems over the phone

Businesses: We can talk about a service contract to ensure all your machines are running at 100% all of the time, with immediate assistance in the event of issues or even a computer catastrophe

Call or email any time for service, repairs or advice
References can be provided with discrete and efficient work


Happy Clients: Please rate us on Google Business

If you have nice things to say about our service, (if not, please tell us, I'll try my hardest to put any problems right)

Thank You.


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Personal Tuition & Training
Help with getting started or advanced help in specific areas of computing.
Learn just whatever you need

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the dancing pigs

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I just couldn't resist just a couple of dancing pigs,....... Who Can?

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